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Your POP3 Mail Server is:
Your SMTP Mail Server is:

Note: To configure your mail in Outlook Express use your full email id as user name. (For any assistance please contact: Innovative Infotech Admin @ Phone: 65 333 661 / email:

Go to (replace yourdomain-name with your own domain)and enter user name, password given to you.

Note:Type your full email id as user name. (For any assistance please contact: Innovative Infotech Admin @ Phone: 65 333 661 / email:

Domain Registration means, reserving the name for yourself for a particular period, so the no one else in the world can take it. A domain is a unique address of website.

Website Designing means preparing the layout and the graphics for the website with suitable colours and images to be published over internet.

Website Development means preparing the programs to work with the website for better interaction.

Static website is bare HTML website, which does not include hardcore programming like ASP, JAVA, CGI etc. It also does not contain any database. Its just like a printed page.

Dynamic Site is one which is made of core Programming like ASP, JAVA, CGI, Scripting Languages etc for interaction and driving the database. It may have online transaction for e-commerce.

A Portal is a directory, which holds the complete information and links of many different topics, interests, subjects. Where as, a Vortal contains the information of particular topic.

Hosting is to put a website on server by hiring some space on it. In technical language, it is "uploading the files" on the server. It make the website enable to be viewed on Internet.

Server Space is a place hired to put the website files.There are different kinds of servers viz, Linux, NT, Windows 2000, Free BSD, etc. Costs also vary from server to server.

Web Promotion means the registration of website in different Search Engines, so the its name appears in the search results as per the categories to which it suits. We undertake SEO, SEM, internet marketing etc., at reasonable price and produce good results.

Flash is a technology to make multimedia presentations for websites. It includes animation, sound, text, interactivity etc. It can't be saved by user.

It means, making online payments or money transactions through credit cards like: Visa Card, Master Card and which is secure too.

E-Catalogue is something, which contains all your site details like an ordinary catalogue has & it can be downloaded. Its print quality is the best.

WAP is a technology, with which a website can be made enable to be viewed on mobile phones.Its full-form is Wireless Application Protocol".

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